Aquitaine Management is an integrated group with a strong record of building businesses through the supply, development and management of human capital, the most  valuable and elusive asset in the 21st Century. With a strong team, Aquitaine, established in 2001, is an independent, wholly Australian owned company providing professional services to increase the performance of organisations.


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Human Resource Management.

What are the key business drivers in your business?

What skills, knowledge and expertise do you need now to effectively compete?

We know where to look for the talented people you need.
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Professional Development.

Do your existing staff have untapped potential?

A skills audit will identify the full capability of your business and clearly establish the gap in skills and knowledge required to drive your business forward and meet the emerging needs of your customers.
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Industrial Relations.

Aquitaine Management boasts a winning IR team who are passionate about delivering innovative, strategic and intelligent IR solutions that produce outstanding results time and time again.
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